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As an answer to cope with a very particular geographic localisation, with a desertic environmental context, with a very symbolic and sacred site, this project represents first of all a new experience for the humans. Climbing by their own means in very precarious conditions, facing the vacuum and consequently their fear in front of the huge panoramic sight, are the responsibilities they will have to undertake to succeed in their respective missions. The visitors are intimately involved in the site (despite the fact that they never touch the floor) and sensitized to a secret which has been hidden for two thousand years under our feet. Searching for a sketch engraved on the floor they will realize the inspiration and the deep meaning of the symbols…

nazca competition 2005


The observatory takes place along the metallic pillars which carry the whole structure of the construction as soon as the visitors take place in their post of rise. Comfortably installed in their sits and thanks to pedals, the users can climb from their cocoons to the entertainment platform (which includes the dining room, the services, and the employees’ rooms) and eventually to the terrace that is the last floor before they start climbing in the vacuum. The rise system is realised with two crown wheel gears shifted on the vertical on which a steel cable is embedded and fixed to the floor and to the top of the three pillars as well. The circular movement of the pedals guarantees the rotation of the gears and a little gear ratio permits to climb with no big effort. The coupled sits, ergonomically drawn, are also adjustable in order to have the pedals’ axis in the LEG-MODE (like a classic bicycle) or in the HAND-MODE to pedal with the arms. The HI-CYCLING SYSTEM is not only autonomous (doesn’t need any kind of energy or power supply) it rather can produce some thanks to simple devices such as an engine (dynamo) and a transmission cable, allowing to store electric energy in accumulators…



check the pdf   hIcYCLING (1440)

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