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the very first idea was to make an homemade tablet support.
adjustable to each size and format and adaptable to every base support like a bed, a table, a beside table etc…

simple to build and cheap.
with just a few elements that you can easily find in your hardware shop.
modularity and manual assembly were the main goals.

below you can see the arms’ junctions. easy to find and easy to assembly.

the steel balls elements that allow the arms to rotate and adjust were not so easy to solve.
the biggest problem was to make a hole in the ball to insert a screwed arm in.
tempered steel is almost impossible to perforate even with a big huge lathe.
…not so easy to build…
changing material from steel to aluminium could be the solution but there are no hardware shops selling ready made aluminium balls.
…not so easy to find…

suddenly things got much more complicated than I thought.
still, it was the beginning of a really interesting experience.
I got in contact with two incredible lathe turners artisans in Italy, lorenzo f. and alberto t., and we started working together trying to understand how to build the prototype.

we decided to build a small size sphere from revolving a plain aluminium cylinder with the lathe and this is how we achieved that.
roberto b, who is an experienced knives craftsman, built a special lathe cutter by trimming a small bar of tempered steel in order to have an arc shaped edge (1).
as the lathe works in rotation, we could achieve half a sphere (2) in that way.
perforated and threaded.

here some pics and videos…

perforating and threading…

finishing…just one sphere

here is what we finally get

as aluminium is a very soft metal the balls already showed signs of bruising.
we realized that, even if the screwed to the maximum, the node couldn’t support the weight of the arm.
therefore impossible to plug a tablet.
we give up the prototype.

these are just few of the originals images and the drawings I could recover from
accidentally formatting my lap top…
thanks a lot “that” person ; )

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